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Quite often a student or corporate client (in Rio de Janeiro) would ask me to help prepare someone for a business or pleasure trip to the States. Out would come three or four books, booklets, vacation brochures, AAA maps and books, subway maps, theater show bills, theme park fliers, and the inevitable twenty or thirty restaurant & coffee shop menus I collected over the years. All this I called my "English For Tourists" course. As the demand grew, "English For Tourists became a regular feature in my institute just before summer and winter vacations.


The need was there. Every course and private teacher I knew faced the same problem. Eureka! I started to write what I hoped would be a concise, complete (as possible) ESL text that would cover the main linguistic and cultural problem areas that foreign visitors (whose native language was not English) would face upon arriving in the United States. You will note that since the English speaking world is so diverse, I thought it prudent not to even attempt to include Canada, the U.K., Scotland, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

“Globetrotter's Guide To ESL is not meant to replace a hotel or restaurant guide. It is rather a linguistic/cultural globetrotter’s guide for the foreign visitor to the United States. Its fourteen chapters will not only attempt to help the foreign visitor survive and enjoy his or her stay in the States, it hopefully will help them understand the U.S. culture a little better. If I have helped just one person overcome or diminish the inevitable culture shock, I will have accomplished my goal.”

March 1
Stephen Sinsley