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This book confronts the biggest controversy surrounding our traditional food. It is the story of adopting wheat 10,000 years ago (which launched mankind into the agricultural revolution); the incorporation of the gluten-grains into every aspect of our diets (which nourished the peoples of this world with plentiful food); but now the alarming recent discovery that gluten–wheat is causing universal harm (which is causing millions to suffer). Ironically, the sickness and health industry is being fuelled by gluten-related disorders; whilst at the same time the food industry is obsessed by providing ever-more high-gluten foods to the whole population. The solution is that everyone needs to adopt a gluten-zero lifestyle. I present you with the compelling evidence that gluten is bad for us all!
Man vs. gluten: how to fix a 10,000-year-old blunder
Chapter 1. Gluten ZERO global – why?
Why pick on gluten?
No nukes! Global Zero.
Modify our body or modify our food
How big is the gluten burden?
Can our Planet survive without gluten?
Chapter 2. Everyone disturbed by gluten-wheat
Is eating gluten and wheat worth the risk?
Worth of wheat
Nobody can digest gluten
Gluten makes everyone’s gut leaky
Wheat Belly
Gluten–wheat is addictive
Wheat lectins (wheat germ agglutinin – WGA)
Wheat is poor nourishment
Chapter 3. Dancing with Devils
Mitigate universal harm
Smoke cigarettes until you die
Zero Global – no nukes
Chapter 4. Nobody knows what’s wrong with me
What’s wrong?
Idiopathic illness – they don’t know what’s wrong
Just a virus!
Childhood symptoms officially “suppressed”
Naughty – or sick
It’s in your head – Medical Madness
Lifetimes of misdiagnosis
Test: don't guess
Chapter 5. The health burden of gluten
The gluten curse
It’s not about celiac disease
300 symptoms and diseases caused by gluten
Histology and endoscopy uncertainty
Skin diseases
Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH)
Death: gluten can kill you
Chapter 6. Beyond celiac disease
The Gluten Syndrome
The Spectrum of Gluten-related disorders
No definitive test yet for gluten sensitivity
Gluten sensitivity a common illness
Gluten can harm brains and nerves
Double blind studies
10% already going gluten-free
Gluten experts
Chapter 7. Damaged nerves and brains
The thighbone’s connected to the kneebone
Gluten Syndrome: a neurological disease
The evidence
The five unanswered questions about gluten
Neurological gut dysfunction
Headaches and migraines
Gluten can make you wobbly
Evidence of gluten nerve damage
Chapter 8. Glutened minds
Sick, tired and grumpy
Brains scrambled by gluten
Should all ADD children go gluten-free?
Psychiatric disorders
Chapter 9. Auto-immune and other diseases
80 autoimmune diseases
Triggered by gluten
Multiple sclerosis
Thyroid disease
Diabetes and gluten are linked
Chapter 10. Calculating the size of the gluten problem
Gluten accounting
Meaning of the gluten-numbers
The economic burden of gluten
Save money: find celiac disease sooner
Other gluten-costs
Chapter 11. Diet not drugs
Disease, drugs or diet?
Treating 300 symptoms
Drugs for gluten-disease - oh no!
The logic of gluten-free
Treat gluten disease early
Chapter 12. Zero gluten
Question: how much gluten is it safe to eat?
Do I have to go gluten-free?
Get your gluten antibodies down
Is 20 ppm really okay?
Gluten-free is more removing gluten
Advocating ZERO gluten
Cross contamination
Gluten-free food not always healthy
Chapter 13. Global gluten consciousness.
More from Einstein
Changing the world takes time
Gluten-free not black and white
Gluten glamour – fact and fashion?
Top ten gluten-zero ideas
Chapter 14. The ZERO answer
Z–zero language
E–everyone tested
R–revolution in food
O–our community acts
Use your networks
Chapter 15. Last words: verdict
Act or do nothing?
Chapter 16. References
Chapter 17. Web links / books

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Rodney Ford

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