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Beyond the edges of the galaxy, Archmagos Kotov's great voyage is over. He has achieved his goal - to find the resting place of the long-lost Vettius Telok. But Telok yet lives, and as the brave explorators of Kotov's fleet marvel at the wonders laid before them, darker plans unfold. As reality itself is threatened by impossible technologies from the dawn of time, it falls to a small group of heroes to thwart an insane plan that could see the entire universe annihilated.

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This is the final book in the critically acclaimed Adeptus Mechanicus series from Graham McNeill. Discover the fate of the lost voyage of Magos Vettius Telok, and the dark secret that waits far beyond the Imperium at the very edge of the galaxy.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 17
Black Library

Customer Reviews

Thurlac ,

Martian Odyssey

It was a pleasure to read this final book in the Martian Trilogy. The author has managed a rare feat in the invention of a technological-religious belief system that is coherent and believable enough to create sympathetic characters with which modern day readers can engage.

The author uses his mixture of characters to describe the epic struggle (and it is epic) from a number of viewpoints that often clash. The plot is clear and the various plotlines that evolved over the previous two books are brought together. It is a satisfying read, not just for Warhammer players but as a piece of literature.

Although this is a science fiction book about galaxy spanning events, that is not its appeal. The appeal lies with the people, human, xenos and, well, other that draw the story along. The author has balanced their development nicely and although there is violent death for many, it is not in the same casual, unnecessary way that seems to have become common amongst some modern writers who, having said what they want through the eyes of a character then have to add a brutal, messy death as a form of punctuation. The author clearly engages with his characters and this enables the reader to do the same.

I have been critical of other volumes emerging from The Black Library publications recently. There seems a certain sameness about them with too much on action, not enough on character, a sort of written addiction to what might look good in a film with a heavy CGI budget. The author, although good at his descriptive writing, avoids this. This is a good read.

Cherryred98 ,

Rip off...

Nothing personal but don't pay £15 for a book, complete and utter rip off of loyal fans that have kept this franchise going...

F1king77 ,

Horus heresy

Massive fan of all warhammer literature but £15 for a title is obscene. Iv bought every title of the heresy and a great deal of the stand alone booms too including lords of mars which was decent. But this price for what I got was too much.

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