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From the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of The Alpha Group comes a new romance about the devastating power of guilt and two people’s struggle to overcome their pasts.

Grace's life is crumbling to dust before her eyes. A tragic loss turned her world upside down, leaving her alone, unemployed and seeking solace at the bottom of a bottle. It feels like there is no coming back from this, until she meets Logan Anderson.

Built like a warrior, with ink-marked skin and sorrowful eyes, something about him calls to her. There is a darkness there, a darkness bred from years of fighting for his country. Now the king of a local MMA league, the ring is all that brings him joy anymore. Discipline and adrenaline get him through the day.

Logan understands what Grace is going through, and he's determined not to let her destroy herself. But to save her will require more than just friendly support. It will mean letting her in, and that will put both their hearts at risk. Logan's demons are buried, but they're far from gone, and it will only take the tiniest stumble to bring them roaring back to the surface.

Can two damaged people find the strength to save one another? Or will their love break them for good?

This book is told from dual perspectives, so both Grace and Logan get their say. It is a full length (300 page) novel with no cliffhanger. There is likely to be a sequel, but the story can be enjoyed alone.

Not suitable for younger readers. This book contains adult content.

June 27
Maya Cross

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