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He told me he loved me.
He told me it was normal.
I wanted to believe him.

Emma’s grandad was kind and loving, so when she was 11 and he started abusing her, she didn't understand what was happening. He convinced her that what he did to her was normal, and that their relationship was special – but then manipulated her into having sex with another man. Over the next seven years, Emma’s grandad sold her to over two hundred men, and forced her to keep the shameful secret. This is her true story of survival.

November 1
Ebury Publishing

Customer Reviews

Kjade1986 ,

Such an amazing woman

such a wonderful person inside and out. I can only begin to imagine what she felt when all this was happening. I know the pain and often the struggle of living with abuse. I would write a book also if I knew where to start. For this to happen and for Emma still to be the amazing person who she is today this does not define her in the slightest.

fellow survivor ,

Grandads girl

I read this book because I too visit spring lodge. They are a lovely team and I would feel helpless and alone without the support they give.
The book was a tough read and heartbreaking, you are a very inspirational young lady Emma and you can be proud of yourself and your achievements. knowing there is one less monster walking the streets of Lincoln is of some comfort to me.
I wish you well in you’re new career path.

Josie1975 ,

What a woman

Brilliantly written. Absolutely inspirational. What a woman x