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"Grandpa’s Tall Tales: A Quick Trip To The Past", is a delightful picture story of slightly over 1500 words with ten original pictures about Grandpa, his cat, Bubbacakes, and Grandpa's new invention: the time machine.
Grandpa invents his time machine "on the cheap." He scrounges a box of computers, some giant magnets, a television set, and a host of other tools needed to complete his latest invention. When he tests the time machine, everything seems to work--at first. That's when he and Bubbacakes discover that sometimes, cheap isn't necessarily good. With Bubbacakes stuck in what is supposed to be yesterday, one of the computers begins to smoke and sputter. The only parts of Bubbacakes that actually return at the scheduled time are a twist of cat hair and a ghostly meow. Grandpa, frantic to save his beloved cat, jumps into action and vanishes through the time machine on a mission to save Bubbacakes.
Grandpa soon discovers that he and Bubbacakes are not in yesterday, but in yesteryear. A giant T-Rex almost has Grandpa for breakfast and Bubbacakes for snack, but Grandpa proves too quick and agile, jumping from tree to tree faster than a flea jumps between dog hairs.
As always, Grandpa’s infinitely deep bucket of good luck gets him out of jam after jam until the two finally return safely home. The computers hold together (Thank goodness!), and both Grandpa and Bubbacakes return to the workshop and back to today exactly as they should. Now it's Bubbacakes' turn to save the day--just as she does every time--by destroying the time machine and finally dumping its largest part right on top of Grandpa's head, an act which serves mostly to punctuate the wonderful, yet slightly twisted, lesson at the end.
Grandpa’s Tall Tales is a series written for smaller children who love an exciting story, older children learning to love adventures, and way-older children (dads, moms, grandparents, etc.) who simply love to tell great stories to children. Grandpa's Tall Tales remain charmingly humorous, wonderfully adventurous, and especially visual; yet, the stories are written to fill the attention spans of young children and to fill that special need for great family reading time.

July 23
Steve Messman

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