Greek Frequency Dictionary - 1000 Key & Common Words in Context

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Learn Modern Greek Now. Download This Book.

Your Fast Track to Practical Modern Greek Vocabulary!

Do you want to learn Modern Greek fast? This book will help you focus on the core Modern Greek words. The words that you will use most often in real life.

Did you know that the top 60% words consist out of the 100 most used words in any language?

If you know the most important vocabulary, you will progress amazingly fast!

This frequency dictionary of Greek helps you learn Modern Greek with ease.

It contains 1000 key & common Modern Greek words in context. The words are listed by frequency, frequency as part of speech (like the most common nouns, verbs, numerals, and more) and by alphabet, so you can look them up easily.

Learn Modern Greek Fast: 1000 of the most common Modern Greek words, listed by frequency and alphabet.
Practical Vocabulary: You will understand spoken language and written texts.Phonetic Transcription. Pronounce Modern Greek correctly with the help of the International Phonetic Alphabet.Example Sentences. 1.000 Modern Greek - English example sentences, showing word usage.Learn Passively. Discover new vocabulary through context. Vocabulary learned through context is remembered better.Discover Grammar Naturally. The example sentences help you get used to the grammar and flow of the language.Parallel Text. Reading practice! The example sentences amount to roughly 20.000 words. It's like reading a short novel in a bilingual format.
Key Benefits

Learning words by frequency is the fastest way to fluency. Pretty self-explantory. By knowing the most important and most common words, you're able to express yourself after only a short time of studying Greek.

Expand your vocabulary and feel for the language fast. The example sentences help you discover Modern Greek and get you familiar with Modern Greek grammar, sentence structure, common idioms, and expressions.

Key Features
The most common Modern Greek words.
These carefully selected words are part of practical daily spoken Modern Greek and Modern Greek text you will encounter in books, newspapers, and websites.1000 Modern Greek English example sentences per book, showing you word usage in context.
Expand your vocabulary by discovering new words through context. Words learned naturally trough context are internalized in your vocabulary quicker, and you'll remember words faster due to repeated exposure.Phonetic spelling of Modern Greek words.
So you will always know how to correctly pronounce Modern Greek words.Sorted by frequency, alphabet and part of speech.
Words are sorted by: general frequency, frequency as part of speech (most used adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc.) and their alphabetical order.

In short, a frequency dictionary is a fast and efficient method to learn useful vocabulary. It is the quickest way to acquire practical Greek vocabulary for various levels of fluency.

Download This Modern Greek Frequency dictionary book now!

13 May

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