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Books 10 thru 12 of the bestselling Grizzly Cove series in one volume!

Grizzly Cove is expanding. Magical creatures bound by evil spells, dragon shifters, women in danger needing just a little help to overcome evil, and for the first time, some of the bear shifters take to the road. Though, they’ll always return to Grizzly Cove.

This anthology contains books 10 thru 12 of the Grizzly Cove series. Titles are:

Loaded for Bear
Mellie is trying to brew an important potion. She’s got the right recipe, but it calls for a ridiculous ingredient: dragon’s blood. Is it a metaphor? Is it a joke? Peter is a bear shifter who knows dragons are real. Calling on his heritage, he tries to solve the riddle—not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because he would give anything to the pretty witch…including his heart.

Bounty Hunter Bear
Ezra never thought he’d see her again. Thea is trying to rediscover her inner self after a terrible ordeal. When they run into each other, it’s clear there’s still something between them. Sparks fly as they confront an evil that’s trying to cause bloodshed at a world famous motorcycle rally and Thea rediscovers the Alpha animal inside her…and that she wants sexy Ezra for her mate.

Storm Bear
Ace is tasked with helping a mixed up weather witch whose powers have suddenly spiraled out of control - literally. Meaning, she’s spawning tornadoes without really trying. He has to smuggle her across the border while bad guys chase after her awesome power, but with enemies at every turn, where can they go for safety?

June 8
Bianca D'Arc

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