Publisher Description

An Expert Like no other
The pleasure guru has an expertise that no other man seems to have. What he knows will blow your mind, not to mention what it will do for your body.
When you come to see the guru you will always be offered a glass of Kir royal. This could easily become your favourite drink.
Why are all these classy and elegant women paying a thousand pounds a time to see this man? Find out what the guru knows about helping women find pleasure like never before … and how he fulfils the needs of so many women, who love what they experience with the pleasure guru and his magic fingers.
There is a much darker side to the guru’s story, though. Why does the suave ex-army intelligence officer make friends with him, and is the mysterious, glacial artist who he is introduced to all she seems to be?

The main characters
The Guru, a gentrified ex-builder, bit rough round the edges but with a good heart, who enjoys helping people and learns to mix with the upper classes.
The Artist, an exceptional talent having landed in the UK not speaking the language, but her talent shines through to becoming a known artist, but has a dark side.
The Salon Proprietor, very well respected intelligent businesswoman, she met the Guru some years earlier, goes into business with him, which is highly successful, but she then falls in love with him.

Fiction & Literature
January 25
Peter Wilkie