Gynecology & Obstetrics for the state exam Gynecology & Obstetrics for the state exam

Gynecology & Obstetrics for the state exam

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This book is a guide to the OBGYN state exam for students of the First Faculty of Medicine. The order of the chapters is targeted specifically to the way the quadruplets are organised for the exam. I found that rearranging it all in this way was helpful for a last-minute review, so I thought I would share this version of the book too. For a more logically organised and slightly more extensive version, please check out my full obs and gynae book. 

The essentials are all here and the topics covered include:

Imaging methods in gynaecology

Menstrual cycle – regulations, physiological profiles

Ovarian and uterine cycle

Irregularities of menstrual bleeding

Management of irregular bleeding

Anovulatory cycles

Primary amenorrhea


Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention in gynaecological tumours

Pelvic mass

Serum tumor markers in gynaecology

Precancerous lesions of vagina and vulva

Benign and malignant vulvar diseases

Precancerous lesions of uterine cervix

Cervical cancer

Precancerous lesion of endometrium

Endometrial cancer

Uterine fibroids

Uterine sarcomas

Classification of ovarian tumours

Epithelial ovarian cancer

Non-epithelial ovarian tumors

Differential diagnosis between benign and malignant ovarian tumour

Benign and borderline ovarian tumors

Ovarian cysts

The role of laparoscopy in oncogynaecology

Fertility sparing treatment in gynaecologic oncology

Preoperative procedures and preparation of the patient before gynaecological surgery




Dilatation and curettage (D&C)


Routine care for patients after abdominal hysterectomy – ward round routine

Possible postoperative complications after laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy

Postoperative complications in gynaecology

Current diagnostic methods in urogynaecology

Conservative treatment methods in urogynaecology 

Overactive bladder syndrome

Stress urinary incontinence 


Management of postmenopausal bleeding

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Genital herpes

Vulvovaginal infections

Vulvar infections

Cervical infections

Sexually transmitted diseases

Vulvar conditions mimicking infections, vulvodynia

Chronic pelvic pain

Diagnostics and investigations in gynaecological endocrinology

Congenital anomalies of vulva, vagina and uterus

Gynaecological diseases in childhood

Hyperandrogenic states in women

Hereditary syndromes in gynaecologic oncology - BRCA mutation, Lynch syndrome

Benign breast disease

Breast cancer

Emergency situations in gynaecology

Sexual dysfunction in women

Family planning

Infertility & Assisted reproduction

Ovarian Hyperstimulation syndrome

Fertilisation, implantation, evolution of the egg

Diagnosis of pregnancy by gynaecologist

Antenatal care in normal pregnancy (routine visit procedures, reasons)

Biochemical methods in pregnancy

First trimester screening

Second trimester screening

Third trimester screening

Invasive diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities

Most common chromosomal aberration

Bony pelvis and examination in pregnancy

Ultrasound Doppler examination in pregnancy

External and internal examination in third trimester

Structural defects of the foetus

Twin pregnancy

Complications of multiple pregnancy

Cardiotocography, principals, description of patterns, interpretation

Rh - alloimmunisation in pregnancy

Preeclampsia, eclampsia, HELLP syndrome

Gestational diabetes

Cardiovascular and hormonal changes in pregnancy

Coagulopathy during pregnancy and delivery

Coagulopathies in pregnancy, DIC syndrome

Abortion versus delivery

Abortion legislation in the Czech Republic

Methods of termination of pregnancy

Termination of pregnancy in first trimester

Abortion in the second trimester


Recurrent miscarriages

Missed abortion

Bacterial and non-bacterial infections in pregnancy

Puerperal infections

Pathology of placental location and invasion

Fetal lie, position, attitude and presentation of the foetus

Non-cephalic position of the baby

Abnormality in first trimester (bleeding, vomiting)

Abnormal bleeding in first trimester

Bleeding in second and third trimester

Gestational trophoblastic disease

Preterm delivery

Premature rupture of the membranes

First stage of labour

Second stage of labour

Normal labour in cephalic position

Complication in 2nd stage of labour

3rd stage of labour

Haemorrhage during 3rd stage of labour, management, treatment

Heavy vaginal bleeding after delivery

Methods of removal of retained placenta after delivery

Pathology of the amniotic fluid

Ectopic pregnancy, clinical symptoms, laboratory markers, diagnosis

Treatment of ectopic pregnancy 

Differential diagnosis between ectopic and intrauterine pregnancy in early pregnancy 

Pathology of uterine contraction during labour

Fetal injuries during labour

Intrauterine growth restriction - IUGR 

Hypoxia during labour

Vaginal operative delivery

Caesarean section

Thromboembolic disease and pregnancy

Embolism in pregnancy and after delivery

Management of the newborn after delivery

Abdominal pain in 3rd trimester in pregnancy

Fetal distress during delivery

Pain relieving methods during labour (vaginal, cesarean section)

Induction of labour

Obstetrical injuries (types, classification of perineal and pelvic floor injuries)

Levator ani trauma

Rupture of the uterus in pregnancy and at delivery

Routine ward round after normal delivery


Puerperal mastitis

Placental function assessment (methods, pathology)

Fetoplacental circulation, umbilical cord vessels, assessment of circulatory function in 2nd and 3rd trimester

Fetal death

Statistical parameters for quality of obstetric care (perinatal and maternal mortality, definitions, world trends)

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