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Within the Chrystal Heights carnival, Mirielle runs The Magic Lamp. Like the other tents and carnival proprietors, The Magic Lamp provides a service for the carnival-goers. In fact, the service they provide is often referred to as the oldest profession. But there the similarities end. Like so many other things at this carnival, there is more to The Magic Lamp than first appears to the eye, as Sylvia and Byron discover. Sylvia and Byron also discover that attempting to charge protection to a Chrystal Heights carnival proprietor is a bad idea.

This 4,200 word story is for adults only and has elements of magic, mental domination, oral, a**l, interracial and light bondage.


“Hello, Mirielle,” he said.

The woman’s dark eyes softened slightly. “Hello, Walter,” she said. “Have you returned to drink deeply once more from the cup of pleasure offered in my humble tent?”

Walter smiled and his eyes shifted to gaze upon the rows of ornate bottles displayed on simple wooden wine racks. Each bottle offered a different design and several were quite intricate.

“I have indeed,” said Walter.

Mirielle appeared to be ageless. She stood and walked to the closest wine-racked collection of bottles.

"And what flavor would you like this evening, Walter?" she asked
Walter smiled. "I have a taste for Asian this fine night, Mirielle," he said.

"An exotic Eastern beauty," said Mirielle, drawing a veil across her face. "An excellent choice."

Mirielle lit a stick of incense and gently blew the spark, producing smoke. She set the incense down and selected one of the ornate bottles from the rack. Then she sat with her eyes closed, chanting softly as she performed intricate hand maneuvers around the bottle. She placed her hands on the table and opened her eyes.

Her eyes were solid black.

Smoke streamed from the bottle mouth. Despite the heavy flow, however, the smoke appeared to remain in the exact same spot, hovering. Then the smoke began whirling in place.

After a time, the smoke slowly dissipated and where the smoke had been, there now stood a barefoot Asian girl dressed in an alluring genie outfit made of silks. The girl's belly and legs were bare and the effect quite alluring.

"This is Jia," said Mirielle. "I think you will find her pleasing."

Jia opened her mouth as if to speak, but instead licked her lips. Her hips moved in a sultry sway as she walked toward Walter. Her heat was visible, her face flushed.

"Jia wants to please," said Mirielle. "All she can think about is pleasure. Your pleasure. Because your pleasure is her pleasure."

Jia reached Walter and pressed herself against him. She rubbed her barely-covered sex on his leg.

"Please," said the exotic beauty, breathing on his cheek. "Please take Jia. Quench Jia's heat. Let Jia serve you. Please..."

Fiction & Literature
February 24
Chrystal Wynd

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