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Beginning with the fallacy of breakfast being the most important meal of the day, Had Enough Yet!? delves deep into the minefield of misinformation surrounding diet and nutrition that typically prevents us from either achieving our fitness goals or from simply being a healthier, slimmer version of ourselves.

The book also shines a light on chronic illnesses caused by excessive sugar, bad oils (such as vegetable and rapeseed), and GM (genetically modified) foods that are commonplace in our day-to-day diets; the importance of essential fats for losing weight; the proven health benefits behind intermittent fasting; and effective exercise for weight-loss — and ties these elements together into one comprehensive, easy to understand guide to looking and feeling better.

It also explores the falsehoods surrounding many of these chronic illnesses, from diabetes and heart disease, to stress and depression (particularly the over-reliance of drugs and medications commonly prescribed nowadays) and instead focusses on correcting that path; directing people towards proper diet and exercise as a healthier, natural alternative for strengthening our bodies and producing the chemicals necessary for feeling better and being happier.

More than that though, Had Enough Yet!? gives inspiration, focus, and vision for anyone who has had enough of not living the fulfilled life they truly want.

Health & Well-Being
June 27
Michael J Pearce

Customer Reviews

Ten-sion ,

Had enough yet

This book gives you insight into the hard facts about some of the food we consume.
It gives you the simple truth about how to take control of your life and a healthy way to become aware of what we put our bodies for well being.

Reedy29 ,


This book has totally change the way I live and think and eat I have lost 10lbs in a week an absolute must book for everyone I couldn’t put it down when I started to read it amazing I can’t recommend it enough 👍

mightynimrod ,

Steve P

OMG this book is life changing.
Ive always thought that i had a healthy diet, that was until i read this book. It makes so much sense. Since reading (daily i might add) ive lost over 8lb’s in a week. IN A WEEK!!! My energy levels are amazing and i sleep better.
Nothing else has changed in my life apart from adhering to the advice Michael gives.
I will continue to review as time goes by.

Just buy the book, you have everything to gain!!!