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Publisher Description

Strength, smarts and sarcasm- these are the things that Fallen has always valued in herself. But what’s a tough bounty hunter to do when her latest job grabs her and runs away with her life? Fallen is a canid shifter who is good at her job. It doesn’t matter that she has never fit in with her pack, doesn’t matter that she cannot shift into the wolf whose wild heart beats in her chest. She is exactly who she is meant to be, a loner forged from the fires of a painful past. To relieve the frustrated fury of her inner wolf, she uses bounty hunting and the new job seems simple enough: find an arcane sword stolen long ago from her new mysterious employers. But there’s a catch. Wraith, the employer’s representative- charming, easygoing, and everything Fallen is not- is going to tag along as her unwanted partner.

As they track down the blade, the hunt becomes complicated. Wraith is a puzzle with secrets all his own. They must face off against an ancient human society pledged to protect the sword, while other supernaturals track their every move. To add to her problems, she finds herself reluctantly drawn to Wraith, forging a bond that she doesn’t know what to do with. And just when Fallen thinks she might have a handle on things, the search suddenly exposes the truth about her own heritage that shakes the very foundations of her identity. In order to save everything she cares about, Fallen will have to learn how to lean on someone else and find out who she really is.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 28
Cori Moore