Happy & Sad & Everything True Happy & Sad & Everything True

Happy & Sad & Everything True

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Publisher Description

With charm and sincerity reminiscent of Judy Blume and Rebecca Stead, this debut middle grade novel is a heartfelt, hopeful story about a girl finding herself through secretly giving out advice to classmates.

Back when Dee and Juniper were still friends, Dee never hid in the bathroom. Now, at the beginning of sixth grade, Dee finds herself there often. The dripping faucet is annoying, and there are other places she’d rather be—like at home and in her room with her cat, Norman. But at least Dee is safe from overenthusiastic teachers and having to see Juniper walking through the halls with her new friends. Dee would rather be alone than witness that.

But it turns out Dee isn’t the only one hiding from something. There are kids all over the school worrying in secret and needing someone to talk to. After Dee helps a second grader with spelling advice, more students begin coming to Dee with their problems. It turns out she’s a good listener, and she likes helping people. And when she starts receiving mysterious notes, it seems someone out there wants to be her friend—if only they would reveal themselves.

Young Adult
12 November