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This is NOT your average joke book. This collection is proof positive that offensive, disgusting, and obscene taste, and humor, are intimate partners which amuse and delight us against our better judgment and morals, because whether we care to admit it or not, the funniest things in life are the very things which make us feel guilty for laughing. If that's the case be prepared to laugh until you cry.....or vomit. Whichever comes first. Unlike most so called dirty joke books out there where authors concentrate more on quantity than quality in order to reach a desired number of words, and which aren't all that funny, this is quite different. I personally and painstakingly sifted through thousands upon thousands of the most rib shaking, hysterical laffers ever compiled, and weeded out all except for the absolute best of the best. If it didn't have me literally rolling on the floor convulsed in laughter it was discarded. End of story. There's no fillers here. As an added bonus I also included some of the most gonads shattering insults and put-downs ever devised to verbally castrate any antagonist stupid enough to incur your wrath. Remember, one of the great tragedies of life is coming up with that perfect comeback Tuesday morning, which you desperately needed Saturday night. Don't let that happen to you. With this book it won't. You will become a master pundit ready for anything. Now sit back and prepare to be entertained. Oh, just one more thing. I feel compelled to add a final disclaimer here. This book is definitely not for you tree hugging, sanctimonious, p/c, over sensitive types.....though on second thought it may be just what you need to loosen the fuck up a bit and enjoy life more. That being said, it's time for the laughs to begin.....

Fiction & Literature
March 7
Professor Philo T.

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