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In order to stay healthy, just working out is not going to save you; rather, you must be aware of the nutritional value of the foods that you eat. You will have to avoid fattening ingredients, harsh chemicals and unhealthy junk otherwise you won’t be able to achieve a healthy lifestyle ever.

This book which comprises low calorie recipes makes it possible for you to have a healthy body without compromising on taste and flavors. The recipes are for two persons, therefore, are ideal for couples, roommates, a mother and child, close friends, neighbors and colleagues.

If you have long been waiting to have some good recipes that are low in calories, this book will definitely satisfy you in this regard. In order to make it more diversified and helpful, the recipes have been compiled under various categories of meals; like breakfast, brunch, dinner, pork, beef, soups, desserts and drinks.

“Healthy Eating For Two” is a guide for the beginner who wants to learn low calorie cooking at home with recipes that have been carefully researched along with their ingredients, duration, step by step method of preparation and nutrients value.

Easy to read and understand, this book makes it easy for you to cook and enjoy mouth-watering meals that you and your significant other will always look forward to. I hope you would find this book quite a valuable addition in your menu.
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October 28
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