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I'm the villain in most romances.

I'm a thief that steals happily ever afters.

Except unlike most romances, love doesn't conquer me, I conquer it.

I've stolen countless women from unsuspecting men.

Gotten my one night with them.

And then watched the heartbreak that occurs in my wake.

Love doesn't survive once I enter the picture, if it ever existed at all.

Although, stealing Sloane might be my greatest challenge of all. 

Asher is a villain trying to a put a horrible life behind him by doing the only two things he knows to do: surf and steal. Sloane is an angel that runs a charity helping children needing a fresh start. Asher will do anything to have her. There is just one problem...she's about to marry another man.

Unforgivable Series: 

Heart of a Thief

Heart of a Liar

Heart of a Prick

6 July
Ella Miles LLC

Customer Reviews

Michelle1983x ,

The ultimata day boy

Asher is the ultimate bad boy. He doesn’t believe in love and lives for breaking up engagements and stealing women’s hearts then breaking them.
I enjoyed that this story was different to your typical romance and it fascinated me how Ella can take a flawed villain and plant him in her readers hearts.
I really liked Asher as a character and was routing for him throughout the book.

I enjoyed Asher and Sloane’s story although Sloane got on my nerves at times. I was not expecting the twist in the story, I knew something was coming but I couldn’t have guessed what we got.

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