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Princess Natalia, one of the beautiful and strong daughters of Lyra, has spent her whole life on Lyra Five behaving just as a princess should, except for one thing. After her daily duties she sneaks out at night to sing in the bars of Lyra Five, pretending to be someone else. Natalia loves to sing, more than anything else in the galaxy, until the night that Ixion, the handsome commander of the royal assassins, comes to the bar to bring her home.

Ixion is the only man Natalia has dreamed of since she first saw him seven years ago, but she’s sure he doesn’t notice her and she’s determined to change that. But Natalia couldn’t be more wrong.

Ixion has loved his elusive princess, Natalia, since the night he revealed himself to her, and now he faces a daily struggle between his duty and his heart, between hoping a princess could love him, an assassin and man of no rank in society, and fearing that she loves another man more worthy of her heart.

When Natalia insists on going to the spring festival, Ixion is ordered to ensure her safety, just as she hoped, but things don’t go as smoothly as she had planned. An explosion in the port triggers a battle between the purist factions and the imperial army and Natalia is caught in the middle of it.

Will Ixion be able to protect Natalia? Will Natalia be able to convince Ixion that she loves him and that the passionate night they share won’t be their only time? When her family discovers she’s in love with an assassin, will Natalia be able to save him or will Ixion face a death sentence?

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October 3
Felicity Heaton

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