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Geoff Trevor had once been a Navy SEAL and CIA operative; a life he left to become a professor of physics and mathematics as well as a highly successful entrepreneur. Then he meets Carrie Courtney and her two beautiful children. And Geoff's only weakness is children. He knows from experience that that weakness could be fatal. Not for him. He would, unfortunately, have to live with it.
Carrie Courtney, Professor of English and Music Appreciation at the same elite Long Island college, is very wealthy in her own right. Carrie has a mission of her own: Keep Her Children Alive. Something she couldn't do for her husband. Up against STONE, she will do anything to insure their future. And does. If it means using Geoff, so be it. He might have been the one who killed her husband, after all. And for himself, Geoff wants nothing to do with STONE or Carrie. For her sake, and of course, her children.
Geoff and Carrie are manipulated into a relationship by a bogus ploy of STONE's leader and become involved in a convoluted web of deception, not only from STONE but each other, until they decide to pool their talents and resources and fight back. They are thwarted at every turn, involving friends and relatives, all the way to the White House.
Geoff, who never wanted love because of the inherent danger, doesn't even realize he is in love until it's too late to turn back. He loves with a passion he never knew existed, let alone possessed. Carrie accepts and returns that love and passion, which she too didn't want at this critical time in her life. A love they both fear can only lead to disaster; emotions they share that cannot be denied; and a force so evil that it has to be destroyed; all put a value on life that Geoff promises Carrie will not be taken away.

November 11
Tess O'Connor

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