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Discover you're not a bad parent after all!

You simply don't have what you need to parent well: correct information that really works so you'll never again need to yell, feel like your kids control you, or have another meltdown.

That's right, you can stop feeling guilt or shame because you're not an "expert" in parenting. With step-by-step instructions appropriate for all ages (toddlers to teens), you'll get down to the nitty-gritty of your child's nature and how to clearly communicate so you can be consistently effective.

 "This may sound like really high-level stuff, and it is. But, as you will see, it's easy and simple when you know how. And the Thinking Chair & Find Your Peace™ (TCFP) approach gives you the perfect system and guide rails for doing this like a pro." (pg. 12)

 "This method's wisdom and effectiveness are rooted in what the children taught me about themselves—their innocence, motivations, needs, insecurities, their desire to be really good people, along with what gains their love, trust, respect, gratitude, and admiration for teaching them values in a loving and authoritative way that makes them feel really safe.

"Besides, it's positive attention from you! It's the type of caring attention that they crave from adults who are important to them." (pg. 13)

TCFP is based not only on what we psychologically understand about kids, but even more so on what kids have repeatedly shown us works for them: Kids just understand it, and that makes them feel secure, thus cooperative.

Great skills you'll learn include how to:
transform temper tantrums into Finding Your Peace,nip sibling rivalry in the bud,deal with lying, stealing, and bullying,turn around a strong-willed or obstinately stubborn child,stop defiance and squabbling kids,gain insight into negative behaviors,have open, honest communication with your child at all ages,teach accountability for one's actions,encourage desirable and positive behavior changes,develop a strong moral compass and positive character traits...and more.
Have FUN and maybe some snuggles, but not struggles with your kids!


Get COVID RELIEF and SAVVY TIPS for dealing with children and teens at home during this crisis. Survive pressure-cooker lives with creative ideas for self-discipline, projects, and scheduling. Learn healthy ways to defuse explosive feelings while relieving stress and anxiety—parents and kids finding peace together!

The paperback version of this ebook is 236 pages and provides parents with tear-out reference sheets to carry along as they get comfortable with the steps. Those pages are included in the digital versions as a bonus section that's located at the end of the ebooks.

July 24
Window to the World Publishing

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