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5 erotica short stories & 1 erotic romance novella

The Boss of Me (Who wears the panties around here?) During the day Ghislaine is submissive to her boss, the overbearing, lustful and gorgeous Gian Iaconetti who does not pass up an opportunity to humiliate her and ride her ass—literally. 

Holly Does the Doctor (She's good medicine!) Young, beautiful, hot and hungry, Holly is every man's fantasy—and every parent's nightmare! When this sweet nympho gets a job in Dr. Bryson's office the sexy medic realizes that young Holly is very potent medicine...

Yes, Minister (Political peckers on the prowl!) A sexy government minister offers Sharon a job as speechwriter and she leaps at the chance, never suspecting she's about to become a pawn in the game of sex-for-hire played out in bedrooms and hotels around the globe, servicing some of the most powerful men alive.

Watching Me, Watching You (A voyeur's tale!) Raquel can't resist a gorgeous black man. When one moves in next door her long distance affair with a teak-coloured island man is put to the test - with pleasurable results.

Ride (A good mount is hard to find!) Tara is an expert rider, but a good mount is hard to find. That is, until a new trainer shows up and takes her on the ride of her life...

Pilar's Billionaire: Seduction Dominic Clancy, mysterious billionaire patron of the art gallery where Pilar works, wants to whisk her off to a tropical island to model for his new painting. Pilar doesn't need complications. Her crazy ex, Ramon, wants her back... Her psychic grandmother warns her to stay away from a powerful, evil man she sees in visions... And there's the little matter of the flaring sexual chemistry between Dominic and herself...

60,000 words. Adults only.

Fiction & Literature
July 18
Erolalia Press

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