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If there is one thing that can help relieve health anxiety, it's finding out that you're not alone.
Do you constantly get anxious about your health and seek reassurance?Have you found yourself analysing every single sensation in your body? Are you spending time on the internet always looking for answers?Do you have heart palpatations that make you think you're having a heart attack?Does that impending heart attack give you a panic attack?Are you still not dead?
You can rest assured it's not just you! Philip Martins was once a hypochondriac and has survived, among other things, cancer, motor neurone disease, meningitis, multiple sclerosis and having been bitten by a mosquito once, malaria. In this book he tells you how he got through his years of health anxiety, provides some anecdotes of his crazier times to cheer you up and gives you some tips all in the hope that it can bring a little relief to help you realise you're not alone. If you have health anxiety and are looking for something to relate to then this is the book for you.

Health & Well-Being
February 14
Philip Martins

Customer Reviews

Htr1794 ,


This is brilliant! The writer uses humour in all the right ways, giving an accurate and true account of the realities of health anxiety. 100% recommend.

AppsReviewsOfficial ,

Beautiful, relatable, eye opening. But short.

Although it is a short account of this incredible authors struggles with Health Anxiety, it’s very, very relatable.
It offers great tips and advice and shares many personal stories I feel others are currently going through right now, myself included.
Thank you for this. I will certainly recommend it to others. Worth every small penny.

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