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Why would you need a weight loss book for your child?

There are many diet books out there that have proven successful for many people in their quest for weight loss. So why not use one of these to help your child lose weight?

Because that would be dangerous.

A child has a growing body and brain. No risk should be taken in implementing fad diets to help them lose weight. The beauty of the child’s body is that it is very responsive unlike some of us older folks. This means if you follow some of the more fundamental principles of weight loss it will invariably lead to weight loss for your child.

What you will learn in “Helping Your Overweight Child” includes;

- Why kids eat too much and what you must do to put a stop to this

- Why you must talk to your child before implementing a change in diet

- The importance of stressing health and tailoring your message to gender and age group

- Basic science of weight loss and why understanding this will ensure you avoid diet fads that are no good, especially for a child’s growing body

- Why variety in food and exercise is necessary for health and weight loss

- Types of takeaway and foods to avoid in each of the major fast food types

- A breakdown of each of the major age groups from infancy to the late teenage years and how to help your child lose weight in each of these stages

And much more….

Health & Well-Being
July 16
Nazarite Publishing Limited

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