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How far would you travel to find the truth? 

It’s 1965 and Jennifer Howells is a young woman with the world at her feet, just on the cusp of leaving her Welsh village for an exciting life in the city. 

Then the contents of an inconspicuous brown envelope turn Jennifer’s world upside down. The discovery leaves her spiralling, unsure who she is. Overnight, Miss Goody Two Shoes is replaced by a mini-skirted wild child who lives for parties and rock’n’roll.

But Jennifer’s experience with the excesses of sixties’ culture leaves her no closer to her true identity. She soon realises she’ll have to travel further – first to Cardiff, then across the ocean to Sicily – if she wants to find out who she really is ...

Fiction & Literature
September 15
Ruby Fiction

Customer Reviews

Dimi ,

Great book!

Jenny gets shocked when she sees her birth certificate for the first time when she is 18! It seems she is not who she believes to be! The woman who believes to be her mum is in fact her grandma, and her birthmother is her sister, who is no longer in contact with the family. Her father is listed as unknown. This makes her leave the comfort of the UK and go to Sicily to try and find out who her father is and if he wants to have anything to do with her... If you want to know more, you need to read it! Trust me, you will love it!

Recon-ciliation ,


From the beginning this book draws you in as you are pulled in by the characters especially Rose. Life was oh so different then, and being an unmarried mother a huge no no. However Rose makes a way with some support from her aunt, and eventually her mother.

Fast forward 20years to the 60s, and Jennifer learns her whole life has been a lie. Needing to find out who she is, she embarks on a journey to locate her real parents.

I really enjoyed reading this and highly recommend it.

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