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Hidden Colours is a controversial drama screenplay tracing the life of Adam, a free-spirited young Asian man struggling with bi-polar disorder, who finally comes to terms with his mental illness.

Isolated and living alone in his council flat, having discarded his meds, Adam rapidly goes to pieces over the course of a few days, and has a massive nervous breakdown. The psychiatrist and social worker cannot help him in time, and Adam finds himself ‘sectioned’ under the Mental Health Act in a hospital.

Adam’s Asian Muslim family are ashamed of his mental illness, and try to keep it a secret from their other relatives. This is not helped by the fact that Adam’s father Ali is a Conservative councillor running for election locally, who even bribes a local journalist to keep his son’s secret safe.

Ali and his wife Ruby hire a ‘Pir’, or Muslim holy man, to try and cure Adam of his mental illness. It transpires that the ‘Pir’ and his Assistant are soon ‘exorcising’ Adam of his bi polar disorder with violent beatings, in a deserted house in South London. Adam, once again alone and terrified, has no escape, and nothing he can do to help himself.

Upon return to the psychiatric hospital, the nursing staff is shocked by Adam’s wounds, but neither father nor son speak a word about how these injuries came about. The police are drafted in and an investigation takes place, in which the ‘Pir’ and his Assistant are arrested and convicted. Meanwhile, Adam has made a recovery of sorts, due to the help of a friendly black nurse called Theo, who helps him in art therapy and music therapy in the hospital.

Three months later, Adam has totally recovered from his bi polar breakdown, having been discharged, and is on a speedboat cruise down the Thames with his family. He flirts outrageously with an attractive woman on the speedboat and discovers that she is not who she appears to be. She is in fact even ‘crazier’ than Adam was. Adam is left with the hollow feeling that this wild world contains few so-called “sane” people, and questions his place within it.

Health & Well-Being
June 14
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