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It is rare that we come across some great talented poets and writers. Cynthia Bernardo, our Associate Chief Editor of New World Publication is a writer of great talent who has decorated our publication for more than 5 years with poems , short stories, jokes, reflections and many other areas of literature. Cynthias poems are very special. They are sweet, melodious, and beautiful. There must be about 150 beautiful poems that have been published in our New World alone. Her poems flow like a gentle river sparkling on the way with deep meanings.

This great poetess has written many poems depicting the natures beauty , romance, love ,faith and trust in Almighty Lord. She finds beauty every corner of the universe and reveals the existence of the Creator who abides with all He has created. Surely Cynthia has been blessed by God Almighty with such a talent no one can really describe fully. The poems have great moral value too.
In Cynthias poem, The Fall of Babylon published in New World, tells us anything goes up very has a limit and the vices of people were so much and God had to put a limit so the city was crushed and it fell.

We can also see some poems are symbolic and reveals the importance of loving one another enjoying our life in this beautiful world. As writer she has also great passion for colors, the nature and the whole world. Her romantic poems are the best and I always enjoy them. There is no doubt that Cynthia is a great poetess who has the talent of great poets like Shelley, Byron, Keats, Wordsworth and Shakespeare.

Every one of Cynthias poems is excellent and great to read. One will not stop reading the poems until the last words. I am sure Cynthias poetry books will get a warm welcome by the world.

George Kurian

Chief Editor

New World Publications (www.newworldstories.com)

Fiction & Literature
January 9