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You don't have any energy, you have unexplained symptoms, you feel low, and yet your doctor can't actually find anything 'wrong with you'. Maybe you have histamine intolerance? 

In this ground-breaking new book, learn the Best Low Histamine Supplements, sort fact from fiction when it comes to a Low Histamine Diet, and look out for our special 'Low Histamine Secret Sauce' sections - the specific and unusual histamine hacks that have worked for us.

This misunderstood condition affects up to 15% of the population, and living with Histamine Intolerance can be frustrating and debilitating, with conflicting advice on the best way to deal with it. 

Finally, for the first time, Histamine Intolerance Explained breaks down the condition into 12 easy steps.

Step 1: What even is histamine intolerance? 

Step 2: Do I have histamine intolerance? (Take the quiz)

Step 3: What is my “histamine bucket”? 

Step 4: The best low-histamine diet – plus which foods should I avoid? 

Step 5: The best low-histamine supplements

Step 6: The best low-histamine lifestyle practices

Step 7: What is DAO, and how can this help me?

Step 8: How do my genetics play a role in histamine intolerance?

Step 9: How to measure my personal histamine levels. 

Step 10: Why doesn’t my doctor know about histamine intolerance? 

Step 11: Five ways to reduce my histamine bucket right now!

Step 12: The future: living a happy low-histamine life. 

Featuring the best histamine supplements such as ProBiota HistaminX and many others. Featuring the best low histamine diets (it’s hard to navigate the best histamine diet lists online - we help you figure it all out. And the best histamine lifestyle practices, and the surprising ways that you can lower your histamine levels naturally.

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2 September
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