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Freya North reunites her popular McCabe girls – sisters Cat, Fen and Pip – in this sexy and funny novel.

Family matters. Doesn’t it?

Our mother ran off with a cowboy from Denver when we were small.

Raised by their loving and eccentric uncle Django, the McCabe sisters assume their mid-thirties would be a time of stability and happiness.

However, Cat, the youngest, is home from abroad to begin a new phase of her life – but it’s proving more difficult than she thought. Fen is determined to be a better mother to her baby daughter than her own was to her – though her love life is suffering as a result . Pip, the eldest, loves looking after her stepson, her husband, her uncle and her sisters – even if her own needs are sidelined.

At Django's 75th birthday party secrets are revealed that throw the amily into chaos. Can heart and home ever be reconciled for the McCabes? After all, what does it mean if suddenly your sisters aren’t quite your sisters?


Praise for Home Truths:

‘An engrossing emotional drama’ Eve

‘You'll laugh, cry, then laugh some more.’ Company

‘If you like chick-lit with a generous side-helping of sex, you’ll devour this. Tangled mother/daughter relationships unravel and tantalising family riddles keep you glued to the end.’ Cosmopolitan

‘Freya North has penned another winner in Home Truths…Vintage North.’ Heat

More praise for Freya North:

‘Freya North has matured to produce an emotive novel that deals with the darker side of love – these are real women with real feelings.’ She

‘Tantrums, tarts, tears and text-sex…what’s not to love about this cautionary tale for true romantics?’ Heat

‘A distinctive storytelling style and credible, loveable characters…an addictive read that encompasses the stuff life is made of: love, sex, fidelity and, above all, friendship.’ Glamour

About the author

Freya North gave up a Ph.D. to write her first novel, Sally. For four years she turned deaf ears to parents and friends who pleaded with her to "get a proper job". She went on the dole and did a succession of freelance and temping jobs. Five publishers entered a bidding war for the book, and her first novel, Sally, was published to great acclaim. Her subsequent books, Chloe, Polly, Cat, Fen, Pip , Love Rules, Home Truths and Pillow Talk have all proved bestsellers.

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May 8

Customer Reviews

Sneezy Lou ,

Enjoyable read

I read this book straight after reading Pip which I thoroughly enjoyed and didn't want to end so I was really pleased that this book followed on and continued the story. I couldn't put either book down really enjoyable reads.

Brihawk ,

Home Truths

Superb read couldn't put it down

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