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St. Chrysostom’s Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans is one of the closest and most argumentative of those he has left us. The style of the Epistle itself called for this, being such as almost constantly to remind an attentive reader of the necessity of forming some notion of the views and feelings of the persons to whom it was originally addressed. To this point St. Chrysostom has paid much attention, and has consequently obtained a far clearer view of the doctrinal bearing of the Epistle than most other commentators. His early rhetorical education would probably have given him even too strong a bias toward that kind of exposition, but for his subsequent course of severe discipline and ascetic devotion. As it is, the rhetorical element in his commentary is of very great value. His ready apprehension of the effect intended to be produced by the style and wording of a sentence, is often the means of clearing up what might otherwise seem obscure or even inconsistent.

This book includes Chrysostom's thirty homilies on Paul's letter to the Romans:

The Argument

Homily I (Rom. I. 1, 2)

Homily II (Rom. I. 8)

Homily III (Rom. I. 18)

Homily IV (Rom. I. 26, 27)

Homily V (Rom. I. 28)

Homily VI (Rom. II. 17, 18)

Homily VII (Rom. III. 9-18)

Homily VIII (Rom. IV. 1, 2)

Homily IX (Rom. IV. 23)

Homily X (Rom. V. 12)

Homily XI (Rom. VI. 5)

Homily XII (Rom. VI. 19)

Homily XIII (Rom. VII. 14)

Homily XIV (Rom. VIII. 12, 13)

Homily XV (Rom. VIII. 28)

Homily XVI (Rom. IX. 1)

Homily XVII (Rom. X. 1)

Homily XIX (Rom. XI. 7)

Homily XX (Rom. XII. 1)

Homily XXI (Rom. XII. 4, 5)

Homily XXII (Rom. XII. 14)

Homily XXIII (Rom. XIII. 1)

Homily XXIV (Rom. XIII. 11)

Homily XXV (Rom. XIV. 1, 2)

Homily XXVI (Rom. XIV. 14)

Homily XXVII (Rom. XIV. 25-27)

Homily XXVIII (Rom. XV. 8)

Homily XXIX (Rom. XV. 14)

Homily XXX (Rom. XV. 25-27)

Homily XXXI (Rom. XVI. 5)

Homily XXXII (Rom. XVI. 17, 18)

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