Hot on the Trail: Volume Two Hot on the Trail: Volume Two

Hot on the Trail: Volume Two

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    • £4.49

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Books 4 – 6 of the popular Hot on the Trail series are together here for the first time! Gather up your mail-order brides and cowboys and come out to the old west to fall in love on the Oregon Trail…

TRAIL OF DREAMS - Katie Boyle has known Aiden Murphy her whole life. Everyone expects them to marry someday, but as much as she cares for her lifelong friend, Katie wants more from life. She craves adventure and excitement, and doesn't want to give in to the obvious choice. Heading west along the Oregon Trail is, in her mind, the beginning of the new life she has always wanted, and she intends to embrace it. But when she is abducted by a Cheyenne brave and taken to his village, she is in for more adventure than she bargained for.

Aiden has loved Katie for as long as he has known her, and is determined to win her, regardless of her protests. He has watched over her as she spread her wings without her ever knowing it. But his devotion is put to the test when Katie is taken. He risks everything to follow her and rescue her, only to end up as the center of attention in the Cheyenne village. His skill with music makes him an honored guest amongst the Indians, but can he save Katie before her fate is sealed forever?

Sometimes the man of your dreams is the man who has been there all along….

TRAIL OF DESTINY - Young widow, Alice Porter, never thought she would fall in love again, and that her family's journey along the Oregon Trail was the end of her story. Rugged militiaman, Jarvis Flint, never thought he would fall in love in the first place, even though he is determined to be a man of honor and to do his duty. But sometimes the things you never think will happen are the ones that hit you when you aren't looking.

When a routine rest along the trail turns into an opportunity to stop a land war between feuding brother and sister ranch owners, Alice finds herself draw into an adventure her grieving heart isn't prepared for. More than an adventure, as she and Jarvis work together to resolve the siblings' dispute, they find themselves battling a passion that neither can deny. In competition with each other and with themselves, they fight to uncover a love that is worth sacrificing for and a life after heartbreak.

Only love has the power to heal hearts and mend fences….

TRAIL OF REDEMPTION - Estelle Ripley is not who she says she is. Running from the past she's left behind on a Georgia plantation, she's taken a job in a wagon train heading to new horizons along the Oregon Trail. If she can just keep her head down, do her job, and keep any of her new friends from discovering her secret, she'll be fine. After all, people don't ask questions on the frontier.

But Estelle didn't count on a shadowy figure from her past coming along on the journey, and she most certainly did not plan to fall head-over-heels in love.

Graham Tremaine's only reason for heading west is to deliver his sister Lynne's belongings to her new home in Denver. The Civil War has left him with more scars than his missing leg. Convinced he is now only half a man, wounded and with no future, he fights hard not to fall in love with the dark and mysterious Estelle. It's a losing battle, and as his passion for Estelle flares, so does his desire to protect her. But how can he fight her battles when she keeps so many secrets from him? And what kind of a life can a man who has lost himself provide?

Love is a journey that proves the heart has no limitations…

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Very Hot

25 June
Merry Farmer

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