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Brie’s life is spinning out of control. She had thought she and Joel had an “understanding”: she’d be free to do whatever she wanted while she was out on the road in her job as traveling sales rep, as long as she shared all the juicy details of her little hotwife adventures with him when she returned to LA.

But he wasn’t to use her sudden promiscuity as an excuse to have affairs of his own. Now she has discovered all that was a lie.

Reacting irrationally to his failure to remain faithful to their marriage—she realizes she had confessed to countless dalliances with other men over the past few months—Brie totally loses it and decides to divorce Joel! Slightly out of her mind with guilt, with hostility she doesn’t understand, with unreasoning resentment toward his actions, Brie flees to Portland, and into the arms of Clark Spicer.

Unlike the other men she had cheated on Joel with, Clark is special. She knows that; under other circumstances, she and Clark could have been a couple. Brie finds herself inordinately attracted to Clark, and he to her.

Will her sudden, whirlwind fling with Clark prove her life’s total undoing, or the start of a magical new chapter in her hotwife saga?

Read Hotwife Tales: Brie II and find out!

(Author’s word of caution: if you don’t care for novels containing graphic depictions of all sorts of sexual acts including lesbian encounters, fellatio, cunnilingus, a**l sex, and double penetrations, don’t buy this book. Believe me, you won’t like it!)

Fiction & Literature
April 16
C.K. Ralston

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