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Two sisters search for love...

In Margaret Thornton's How Happy We Shall Be, two sisters suffer heartache in the 1950s in a gripping saga that moves between the bustling streets of London and the windswept beaches of Blackpool. Perfect for fans of Annie Murray and Nadine Dorries.

'A smashing holiday read' - Lancashire Evening Telegraph

Rosie and Patsy Bradshaw became sisters during the Second World War when Rosie was adopted as an orphaned evacuee in Blackpool. Since then, they've been the best of friends - some would say, inseparable - but as the girls reach adulthood it is time for them to part.

Rosie is determined to make the most of life and travels to art college in London. She is enchanted by Kensington in the fifties and falls madly in love with her tutor. Despite knowing the dangers of such an attachment, Rosie is unprepared for just how much hurt lies ahead. Meanwhile, Patsy can't help feeling she doesn't fit in, and only a chance encounter with Ronnie Sykes, a childhood friend from Blackpool, gives new meaning and hope to her days at college. But a jealous rival soon puts paid to their romance...

So it is that both sisters have yet to succeed in their search for love, and reunited in Blackpool, they decide to make a new start and recapture the happiness shared in their youth.

What readers are saying about How Happy We Shall Be:

'I loved this book as I felt the characters were so real and I could sympathise with their conflicts'

'Margaret Thornton is a brilliant storyteller. Her books draw you in, so you feel you know the characters. Hard to put down'

'Five stars'

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August 29

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