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When goth girls Jayne and Katrina walk into Morgana's- a vendor of the mystic and magical- with intentions of shoplifting, they don't realize how quickly things are about to change. Getting caught stealing from a conventional store is bad enough. Getting caught by Morgana, who's got mystically-animated shackles, magical outfits and various powers at her disposal? That's a worst-case scenario...and far more embarrassing.

This 8,500 word story is for adults only and has elements of paranormal, bimboization, transformation, breast enlargement, public sex, spanking and magic clothing.


I grabbed a long black denim skirt- good goth girl fare- and put it on. The heavy material misted away and moments later I was fully encased in the bimbo outfit again. I removed that outfit and tried a dark blouse. Same result.

I was getting tired of stripping off. It was obvious that Morgana had enchanted this outfit in such a way that I was stuck in it. I had no idea how long this would last, but I didn’t have a choice about what to wear for today at least.

Still, I could at least accessorize enough to cover up the bimbo nature of the outfit.

I needed to cover up the blonde highlights, so I grabbed a dark hat and stuck it on my head. It misted away.

Shoot. Not good.

All right. Makeup then.

I sat down and layered on some black lipstick. Then I worked on my eyes, creating a stark, dark presentation. Perfect.

Then I stood and my dark colors immediately turned bright. My black lipstick brightened into a hot, kissable pink. My eye shadow turned bright and cheerful. And my pale cheeks were covered with red rouge.
I sat back and shook my head. This wasn’t working either. I had one more trick to try, though.

I went to my closet and retrieved a black spiked collar...a good goth staple. I stood in front of the mirror and secured it to my throat. Then I studied my reflection.

It was actually effective. It gave the silly bimbo look I had an edgy presentation. Opposite ends of the spectrum giving a visual contrast. I could pass it off as a metaphor for life. Perfect.

Then the spiky collar misted. Even more jangly bangles appeared on my wrist and little hearts appeared on the ankle bracelet secured on my ankle. Toe rings appeared on my bare toes, complementing my suddenly red-painted toenails. Big golden hoops dangled from my ears. The collar had created such a powerful goth presence that the outfit had been forced to counter with an equally powerful bimbo presentation.

I had to stop and admit defeat at that point. Accessorizing had become too expensive.

Fiction & Literature
May 11
Chrystal Wynd

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