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While travelling the back roads between Chrystal Heights and Emerald Lake, Cheryl's BMW breaks down next to the small town of Pebble Creek. Cheryl has opinions about those she considers to be backwoods yokels and she has no hesitation in voicing them. But what happens if the residents of Pebble Creek are more than they appear to be...and they decide they want to teach Cheryl a lesson?

This 7000 word story is for adults only and has elements of paranormal, mind control, oral, a**l, bimbo and barefoot.


I was trying to form an answer, but I was getting lost in Luke’s masculine smell. Luke had oil smears all over his arms and he even had a grease smear across his cheek that complemented his strong jaw perfectly. His broad shoulders, his cheerful competence, his complete confidence...Luke’s masculinity was making me feel so feminine. So...pretty...


“Hmmm?” I said.

“Do you want me to fix your car?”

“Oh!” I said. “Yes. Yes, please. I want you to...to...I want you to...to...” I took a step closer. Gawd, his smell was driving me crazy. Then I grabbed his shirt with both hands and pulled myself against him. I buried my face against his chest and breathed deep.

Suddenly Luke’s hands were all over me. I moaned as those big fingers traced my shoulders, my hips, my ass. His fingers clutched the line of my top and suddenly he tore open my blouse, sending the buttons flying. His big hands groped inside my top and I moaned as he worked me there roughly. We stumbled to a nearby waist-high stack of tires and he turned me around with those big hands. Then he lifted my skirt...

Fiction & Literature
May 21
Chrystal Wynd

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