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1) How I Became a Sex Toy 1- Amber

Amber is a user. She takes advantage of others so she can get what she wants. Her roommate Kelly, however, doesn't appreciate this quality in Amber...and Kelly has the power to do something about it.

Amber finds herself slowly transforming, become more giving of herself, even as her body slowly transforms to accommodate her helpless generosity. Will Amber learn the error of her ways in time to stop the full transformation? Or will her witch roommate Kelly fulfill her threat to turn Amber into a sex toy?

This story has 5,446 words and contains elements of breast enlargement, transformation, bimbo, oral, a**l, hand job, magic, revenge, mf and ff.

2) How I Became a Sex Toy 2- Erin

Young professional Erin Charmless takes great pride in being a bitch. When she has to take a business trip via train, however, she learns that Chrystal Rails has ways of dealing with bitches. As the train moves forward, Erin finds herself transforming into a horny groupie for a band that is riding the train. Will the uptight Erin learn her lesson before she sleeps her way through the entire band?

This 10,100 word story has elements of mf, ff, transformation, breast enlargement, growth, bimbo, bimbification, oral, a**l, tattoo, multiple and ditzy.

3) How I Became a Sex Toy 3- Raven

Raven is a tough girl used to getting her own way. So what happens when Raven runs into someone not willing to give her what she wants? She dabbles in witchcraft and spells. Unfortunately for Raven, she discovers her spell has been countered and she is now transforming from tough chick to vapid sex kitten. Can Raven stop the transformation in time to keep her increasing heat under control?

This 10,600 word story has elements of oral, a**l, bimbo, transformation, breast enlargement, magic and arousal.

4) How I Became a Sex Toy 4- Lauren

Lauren is one of the pretty people and she wants to stay on top of the social A-group, regardless of who she steps on to stay there. When Lauren upsets someone who's got a different kind of power, however, Lauren finds herself in a magically heated state of arousal that interferes with her enjoyment of a party. After all, it's very difficult to enjoy a college gathering when you just can't keep your hands to yourself. Can Lauren regain control of herself before she sleeps her way through the entire guest list?

This 5, 300 word story has elements of mf, oral, a**l, magic and erotica.

5) How I Became a Sex Toy 5- Jackie

Jackie's best friend Wanda claims to be a witch who can enchant lipstick that gives the wearer very heated oral needs. Jackie doesn't believe Wanda, so they make a bet. If Jackie can go 24 hours without the lipstick having any effect, she'll win the bet. Can Jackie make the whole 24 hours without giving in to her burning desire? Or will her swollen red lips make her a slave to her oral needs?

This 7,500 word story has elements of mf, breast enlargement, arousal, oral, a**l, magic, multiple, erotica and collar.

6) How I Became a Sex Toy 6- Caroline

Caroline is the birthday prank champion. Every year she gets her friends with devastating tricks. This year, however, Caroline's friends are enrolled in the magic program at Chrystal Heights University and they decide they are getting even. On her birthday, Caroline wakes to the discovery that she has turned into a bimbo during the night. Can Caroline keep her overheated bimbo instincts and sex drive in check and fulfill the requirements to fix her condition? Or will Caroline end up stuck in her bimbo body permanently?

Warning: This 8,800 word story contains elements of magic, transformation, bimbo, breast enlargement, spanking, oral, a**l, multiple.

7) How I Became a Sex Toy- Sherry (BONUS)

8) How I Became a Sex Toy- Katrina (BONUS)

9) How I Became a Sex Toy- Catherine (BONUS)

10) How I Became a Sex Toy- Tammy/Gina (BONUS)

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March 29
Chrystal Wynd

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