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How the Rosary Changed My Life and How It Can Change Yours Too is a life manual that tells about the miracles and powers of the Rosary, how it changed my life, and how it can do wonders to you as well. Come and sit for a while, and listen to this humble story. It is not just about me, but it relates to all people. The Rosary is for all. If you want to have an active and meaningful spiritual life, then I urge you to learn more about the Holy Rosary. It does not matter what religion you have, the important thing is that you pray, and pray sincerely with your whole heart and soul.

How the Rosary Changed My Life and How It Can Change Yours Too is a confession of a soul who has found faith through the Rosary. The Rosary is more than just a tool for it helps connect us to Jesus and the Blessed Mother. I was a Pagan who engaged in so much workings of the occult until I fell in love with Jesus and Mary through the Rosary. I was engaged in various practices like energy manipulation, sex magick, invocation, and evocation magick, among others, until I found the Divine in the Rosary.

I have decided to share my humble story for it might help another soul, even just a single soul. This is not really about my life, for I we shall talk about the common aspects of our lives. It is a shared life, and now is shared with Jesus and Mary.

How the Rosary Changed My Life and How It Can Change Yours Too is about the Rosary and how you can deepen your spiritual practice through praying the Holy Rosary. The power does not lie in the physical object but the relationship that you build with Jesus and Mary. Indeed, it is a meaningful connection that takes away all fear, and one that is overflowing with love. Once you start praying the Rosary, you will never feel alone again.

It is also worth noting that countless of miracles have been attributed to the Rosary. In fact, the Blessed Mother herself has given 15 divine promises to whoever prays the Rosary. In these pages, you shall learn more about the Holy Rosary and how it changed my life for the better, or the best. From Paganism and the occult, I learned about the magic of the Holy Rosary and only then did I feel real peace and harmony in my life. May the enlightenment that I have received be shared with my readers, and to God be all the glory.

Religion & Spirituality
May 8
Charles Mage

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