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How to Attract and Retain Sponsors and Partners is a step-by-step business development process to help you become effective at attracting the right sponsors and partners to your organisation. It brings together Richard Woodward’s experience working with and training leading organisations on both sides of sponsorships and partnerships across multiple industry sectors.

This book is essential reading if you are in a business development role in the arts, culture, sport, charity, health, environment, education, association and events sectors and you’re tasked with securing corporate partners and sponsors and managing those relationships.

Filled with highly practical advice that’s delivered in an easy-to-digest full colour format, this book reveals the templates and language that has been applied to real world business relationships that have resulted in millions of dollars of investment. 

With checklists, worksheets and practical exercises at the end of each chapter, it’s specifically designed to enable you to immediately apply the concepts and reap the rewards.

This book will be an invaluable resource to refer to throughout the day, when making sales calls and first contact with prospects, preparing for meetings and crafting the all-important proposal. It can be used again and again to develop and grow fruitful relationships with sponsors and partners that will endure for years to come. 

"Once again Richard demonstrates his vast knowledge of sponsorship through a well presented and thought-out book. He has delivered a practical guide for sponsorship seekers that gives clear and actionable tactics that readers can apply to their businesses." Matt Baxter, Sponsorship News


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February 2
Richard Woodward

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