How To Be A CEO How To Be A CEO

How To Be A CEO

Purpose. People. Performance.

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The haloed CEO role is a rarified position which takes a special combination of the right mindset, skillset and tools to succeed. Many people aspire to the elevated heights of a CEO and crave the experience and versatility of the best in business - yet few have a clear pathway to develop their skills and put themselves in the picture for a big leadership role. Now, in How to be a CEO, the experienced executive coach Ben Renshaw has conducted extensive research with CEOs from small, mid-size and large companies, Executive Committee members who work for CEOs and renowned Professors of Leadership, to distill the vital essence of what it takes to become a great CEO.
In recent years the world of work has experienced unprecedented change causing organizations, leaders, teams and individuals to rethink about what work means and what they want. It has given everyone the license to ask questions about how to work in better ways and to expect straight answers from relevant stakeholders. Never has it been more important to equip aspiring leaders with the skills to succeed, as well as helping existing CEOs build robust succession plans to ensure the sustainability of their organizations.
How to be a CEO outlines a compelling journey to leadership greatness. Based on a simple 3P Model: Purpose, People & Performance it provides a practical guide to accelerate leadership development for those who want to be at the front of evolution in the uncertain world of work. The book will help unlock your thinking about what you stand for as a leader and the impact that you want to have. It will challenge you to leverage your strengths and address your development opportunities. It will invite the reader to create their own framework for becoming the best CEO candidate they can, to equip them for the role if they are in contention, and to challenge leaders at all levels to raise their game and lead greatly. All the leadership answers in one slim volume.

Business & Personal Finance
23 October
John Murray Press

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