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If you asked a random group of people to name three charismatic people, who do you think they would name?

Muhammad Ali?

Bill Clinton?

Adolf Hitler?

Jim Jones?

Alexander the Great?

The majority of them would name three male leaders – very few would suggest a female name. Why? Throughout the history of the human race have there been no charismatic women?

No, of course not.

But, due to the overwhelming majority of history being written by white males, charismatic women are almost erased from popular history. They do not exist, and if they do, their roles are downplayed.

Charisma is not a title preserved for males only, females can also possess this magnetizing trait. And through my research, I have discovered that women have a far greater potential for charisma than many men.

What is charisma?

Although the word charisma originates from the ancient Greek word “charis” (meaning “gift”) it is a gift we were all given and had access to since birth. Yet some, such as the women in this report, have fully unwrapped their gift and use it everyday. Where as others, perhaps yourself, still need to unwrap it.  

Throughout history charisma is a trait that has been taught, although we have only recently started calling it “charisma”. Previously, young Kings and Queens had charm teachers, who taught them how to attract people like moths to light bulb. Adolf Hitler had a teacher called Eckart whom trained him in techniques of self confidence, self projection, persuasive oratory, body language and discursive sophistry. Most recently researchers have pointed towards people such as Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton as examples of people who develop charisma through trauma.

If you want to be charismatic, all you need to do is learn.

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12 January
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