How To Cut Your Sensitive Child's Hair Like A Pro How To Cut Your Sensitive Child's Hair Like A Pro

How To Cut Your Sensitive Child's Hair Like A Pro

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Is your child sensitive or high sensory? How do you know?

This book is less about the haircut than it is about how food chemicals add to a child's sensitivity

Why do kids act up, why are they hyper or act out?

A lot of this can be explained by their environment. Over stimulation through the physical environment and

especially by the food they eat. Food Preservatives.

As a mom, doing my best to enjoy my child in her early years, it should have been easy, or so I thought.

My child was a bright light, always happy, smiling, perceptive, acutely sensitive to the feelings of others.

I didn't recognize her sensitivities although I knew there was something...

She might have fallen through the cracks in the education system if it weren't for the caring persistence

of her kindergarten teacher. Because of her teacher, we were able to get past our own emotional block of not

wanting to see her as less than a perfect child so we could be proactive in her development.

My daughter didn't fit into a specific category, which today I am so grateful for. The common solution was ritalin.

Food allergies became suspect early on so we went in that direction to find alternatives to medicating.

Our specialists didn't have any solutions other than medication and observation.

By the time she was seven we already suspected a connection with food.

Doing the medical food allergy testing was our motivator. It was painful to watch her go through the testing.

The first round told us enough about what she wasn't allergic to.

The main culprit were preservatives in food. Can you imagine what foods you eat that aren't preserved?

It began with anything with a vinegar base, condiments. Do you eat ketchup, mayo or salad dressings?

That was just the beginning. To this day I rarely go down the interior aisles of the grocery store.

Now that I know what's in the boxes and cans, I sure wouldn't feed it to my loved ones.

The specialist told us what to start eliminating but he didn't explain why. That was when we really jumped in.

We had no idea how deep we would go and thirty years later we're still on the path of eating clean.

Many still do not believe how profound the food one eats, affects your mood, your behaviour, and your health.

In children and adults. This is not a small topic.

I wrote this little book to give parents hope and to get their attention.

There are unseen factors in your kitchen cupboards.

What your child eats for breakfast may be ruining his day. In North America, children's breakfast cereals are

loaded with food dyes that are banned in other countries. Why are they banned?

We all should be asking "why", yet we don't.

We believe someone is protecting us from chemicals in our food and environment and it's not true.

Complacency is the enemy.

I hope what you find inside this book serves you and your family.

My daughter's food sensitivity has been one of the greatest gifts in our life.

31 March
Lorrel Elian

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