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Is your child enthusiastic about animals and has interests in creating beautiful drawings? Then you are in the right place!

How To Draw Animals For Kids: A Step-By-Step Drawing Book. Learn How To Draw 50 Animals Such As Dogs, Cats, Elephants And Many More! is the perfect book for your kids to help them improve their drawing skills.

Most kids have a magically undeniable connection with animals. There are young ones who imitate animal sounds even before they start talking. Some parents even have pets for their kids to grow up with to be their best pals and companions. Studies also show that having animals as a part of children's lives brings amazing benefits. It helps kids learn about empathy, compassion, and, of course, unconditional love.

This book is aimed towards kids that are animal-lovers who also enjoy drawing and making art. The book will help them become more steadily confident with using a pen in a controlled mannerEye-hand coordination also plays an important role as well as concentration. While drawing from imagination has its own appeal, the learning effect is particularly high when there's a structure to follow and a goal in mind.

With this book, kids will acquire the ability to draw different animals and become more confident with using pen. Each finished animal represents a sense of achievement to keep them motivated. There are eight clear steps that would lead them to the goal, each of which can be easily followed by kindergarten kids. With each step, the animal takes on more and more shape until it can finally be clearly recognized. Simple forms, such as circles and triangles, serve as a basis for this.

A quick look at the most important facts of the book:
Suitable for kindergarten childrenStep by step instructions for drawing 50 animalsPromotes concentration, creativity, and eye-hand coordination.Lovingly designed motifsEnables structured, child-oriented learning
From dog and cat to monkey and squirrel, up to tiger, spider, and bear, "How To Draw Animals For Kids" offers varied drawing instructions, which let animal-loving kids' hearts beat faster!

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