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This much loved kitchen classic has been fully updated with 50+ simple, delicious new recipes. Ideal for busy mums and kitchen novices, this handy little volume proves that you can still feed a family of four on just £5 a day if you shop with care and make nutritious ingredients the foundation of every meal.

Whether you’re looking for a quick dinner such as Lemon Honey Lamb Shoulder with Potatoes and Fresh Thyme or Autumnal Black-Eyed Bean Stew with Dumplings, an old-school classic like Bread and Butter Pudding, or a breakfast full of flavour and energy like Golden Apricot Granola, Bernadine caters for every taste and lifestyle.

Bernadine has had over two decades experience of cooking for a family on a budget, and knows what really works. Her recipes are child-friendly and she has a wealth of practical tips on how to stick to an incredible £35 groceries budget, use up leftovers and prevent food waste.

Complete with a weekly meal planner and a guide to show which fruit and vegetables are in season, Bernadine is an expert on creating tasty meals out of nothing that you will return to time and again.

No hard-to-find ingredients, no complicated recipes, just honest, wholesome food from a cook who understands families and really will save you money.


“Both inspiring and very useful […] the cooking techniques are easy, and ingredients can easily be found. I would highly recommend this book to absolutely anyone.”
lanaphillips on Amazon

“Simple, wholesome and tasty and cheap”
Getoka on Amazon

“I bought this book about 15 years ago. We were on a very tight budget and this is a book with plenty of good ideas for healthy and filling food using kitchen staples and no fancy delicatessen goods. We ate very well on its contents: lunches,dinners and afters and even snack foods. My son still makes the whole fruit cake whenever he can.”
C. Green on Amazon

About the author

Bernie started to experiment and cook with wholefoods when she first came across them at 18, in a wholefood bakery in Notting Hill. Her dishes swiftly became popular with family and friends (including members of the Clash and Public Image Ltd., who often popped round for a bite to eat).

When her business collapsed, Bernadine had to find a way to feed her young family for just £28 a week and devised a hearty meal plan out of basic, wholesome ingredients.

Bernadine successfully raised her four children on these delicious meals and is delighted that they now enjoy cooking her recipes for their own children.

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