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The law of attraction is a law that works behind the scenes. It is not obvious to most people. As humans, we tend to believe only that which we can directly see or measure. That which is completely beyond sight or direct measurement cannot be ‘proven’ by science. The law of attraction can only be proven through your own direct experience of working with the law. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that you APPLY what you learn in this instruction manual. Apply as much as you can until you start seeing direct evidence that confirms the reality of the law of attraction at work in your life. Note that I can only give you a description of how it works. I cannot ‘prove’ to you that it works. That is something you must do for yourself.

In the following chapters, I will describe the very basics of the law of attraction and how you can start using it today and every day hereafter in a simple yet very effective way. I will not overload you with information. This guide will contain no fluff but only the most essential pieces of the puzzle. The other pieces will come to you naturally as you apply the basics.

Health & Well-Being
8 November
Beau Norton

Customer Reviews

MrsMoshHugger ,

An empowering little big read!

A prefect capsule of guidance to make changes in your life. No waffle, no unnecessary pages full of repetitive paragraphs… this is why it’s perfect. Thank you.

LJ20xx ,

Good read

Good short read. Got it saved will go over it again at some point.

cherri ji ,

Mind opening

Loved it short but good

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