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The Daemons of Chaos manifest in the colours of blood, madness, despair and desire. In this Army Workshop, army painters Chris Peach and Duncan Rhodes demonstrate how to paint Daemons of the four Gods of Chaos – Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh – using the Citadel paint range. These techniques can be used when painting any Daemons, for either Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000.

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August 6
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Customer Reviews

HiveFleetEris ,

Great Variety

Much like the other paint guides, this guide pretty much covers everything you'd need to get an entire army done quickly. In many of the cases they show multiple different options to give variation, and some very unusual techniques I'd not have thought of otherwise.
Being a GW product there will always be shameless haters, I'd urge anyone who has a remote interest in Chaos to grab this guide regardless - it really does cover everything and answered just how I'm going to paint all my daemons without it all looking samey!

Jcooper234234 ,

Useless for slaanesh

Bought this because i was struggling with daemonettes. I want to paint them the traditional way like on the box, in the codex and in white dwarf the pink/purple skin but wasnt sure which colours to use. This did not help in the slightest because this only shows you how to paint them in one certain way and that way isnt the way that they are supposed to be painted, it is a very pale bland white colour and then the hair is bright blue and the leather/armour is highlighted with turqoise(sotek green). So if you want to paint traditional slaanesh colours then this is a complete waste of money and doesnt help you in the slightest. Had a quick look through nurgle and looked better but how wrong can you go with rotting green and brown colours, (if it looks to bright then add a dark wash, they are dirty, rotting and falling apart so realy hard to give them a bad paint job). This did not help me at all

Sol-Yeti ,

Not great

Bought this after thinking I was going to try one of GW digital products. I feel slightly ripped off. It's a glorified paint guide from white dwarf, only they change you £7 for it! What happened to the days of nice paint guides by the evey metal team? The daemonette guide is awful. No shading on the skin, sloppy application of the paint. The burgle guide is the best of the bunch, and lets face it, the sloppier the better with Nurgle! GW has missed a trick here, I won't be buying another.

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