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The Escape From Goblin Town boxed game includes fifteen finely detailed models of the members of Thorin’s Company, the Goblin King and his villainous servants, and the platforms and walkways of Goblin Town itself. In this comprehensive 150-page book, professional miniatures painter Chad Mierzwa shows you the straightforward easy-to-follow techniques required to paint each of the distinctive characters, Goblins and scenery pieces ready for your first games.

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December 1
Games Workshop

Customer Reviews

King Dweller ,

These look amazing!

I have downloaded some of these "how to paints" as samples and they look absolutely brilliant. I wish they had little videos like on the how to to paint citadel miniatures guide. I am just waiting for them to release tyranid how to paint and I am on it!

Too tall... ,

Missing leading title, its little more than a colour scheme

Hate is a strong word, but this book is half the price of the how to paint citadel miniatures guide in which technique is taught so it deserves nothing more than one star.

The book as with all GW books, illustrates expertly painted models. It informs which paint should go where and what stage of the paiting process. Beaware this guide uses a lot of paint. Retail price for the paint is around £180. So if you not prepared to buy the paint as well, theres no need to buy this book! I would advocate buying some descent brushes and researching technique. GW have nothing of significant value to offer painters of The Hobbit at the moment

Everything covered ,


Don't buy this guide.

There are many spelling mistakes, the pictures don't match up to the steps provided, they have got all the paints messed up for example, administratum grey they have labeled as a layer when it's really a base paint.

For 12.99 it's a total rip.

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