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Fire Warriors are the mainstay of the Tau military, and are respected as the backbone of the entire Tau Empire. Supported by the latest advances in the Earth caste’s weapon and armour technologies, these brave and selfless warriors hold the line against the most terrifying threats in the galaxy. 

Fire Warrior Strike Teams fill the air with searing volleys of fire from their pulse rifles and pulse carbines, cutting down swathes of the foe, while supporting fire from gun drones and drone turrets lends them even more killing power. 

Fire Warrior Breacher Teams instead excel in close-quarters room clearance, storming enemy fortifications as their pulse blasters spit fury. Both types of team go to war in the colours of their sept, proudly displaying the colours of inevitable conquest for all to see.

Tau Empire: Fire Warriors Painting Guide is a detailed painting guide for both Fire Warrior Strike Teams and Fire Warrior Breacher Teams. The guide explores the different techniques required to paint these units, sept colours and markings, as well as cadre and team iconography. 

The guides contained within the eBook cover two colour schemes: the ochre of Tau’va sept and the white of Vior’la sept.

This edition is designed for your tablet. The layout, text and images are optimised to provide an outstanding eBook experience and make it as easy as possible for you to ready your Fire Warriors for battle in your chosen colour scheme.

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October 24
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