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'We are all equally fascinating, equally valuable, equally capable of altruism, equally able to change the world for the better.
That's feminism, isn't it? And it's what every parent wants for their kids . . . every parent that's not a d*ck, that is.'

Growing up in the '70s, neither Allison Vale nor Victoria Ralfs reckoned they needed feminism. But years of settling for the smallest chops at the dinner table, getting battered in British Bulldog, and negotiating the flasher down the lane, left them feeling uneasy: had feminism been the missing link?
In How to Raise a Feminist, they join forces as mothers, educators, story-tellers and women, to tell the riotous story of how they came to put feminism at the core of their parenting.
Real feminism is:
· NOT angry or man-hating
· common sense
· the way to raise happily flawed, robust sons and daughters
Real parenting is:
. mostly without a script
. often a bit terrifying
. entirely amazing
How to Raise a Feminist is the ideal read for anyone, anywhere, unnerved by the pressure to be perfect; a 'good enough' guide to raising your children into gloriously gutsy, empathetic, likeable young people, irrespective of their gender.

February 16
Little, Brown Book Group

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RByford ,

Rachel Byford

Reading this book is like sitting on a comfortable sofa in a pub with the authors and a very large gin. Throughout this book Al and Vik share their experiences as both parents and educators. Their stories and anecdotes are exceptionally well written and are equally hilarious, warm and emotional. These are real women who are muddling through life in the best way they can: they are not superwomen who can juggle a million things are once - they are normal and, most importantly, what they have done in their lives is achievable. They have raised children and educated children who have the confidence to survive in this turbulent and tumultuous world.

This isn't just a book about parenting, it is a book about how to be a decent human; or, in the words of the authors, how not to be a dick.

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