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Based on former FBI Special Agent Joe Navarro’s experience as a criminal profiler and behavior specialist, this short booklet/checklist - "How To Spot A Psychopath" - provides the average person with the tools necessary for spotting and assessing psychopaths. This is a must read for anyone who wants to protect themselves, their children, or their loved ones. This short booklet/checklist offers practical guidance and a checklist of the 150 behaviors that are closely associated with psychopathy. It is easy to use, intended for the average layperson. You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to use this. This will not only give you insight, it will also lay to rest any fears or concerns you have about psychopaths, so that you can do something about it. Practical, fast, easy to read and understand.

This is a NEWLY revised edition featuring more detailed introductory material on psychopaths and an extended checklist of now 150 features!

Health & Well-Being
3 October
Joe Navarro

Customer Reviews

Islandgirl. ,

How to spot a psychopath

This is a helpful little booklet for the public , please note that it is just a booklet of a few pages with a helpful slightly over -inclusive questionnaire, that helps the public recognise a range of behaviours that reflect psychopathy , but these behaviours are not diagnostically reliable , but do pull out the main features to watch out for . This is not a book about psychopaths , just a helpful booklet . Dr. Helennightingale , clinical psychologist

Jacken1762 ,

Clear, engaging and relevant

I think the importance of getting the message that there are people without any empathy into society is greater than specifying the term "psychopath". I can't say that this book isn't beneficial to the reader but you should specify elsewhere.

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