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Do you love to do scrapbooking as a hobby? Many people do. In fact, industry estimates say that scrapbooking is the fastest growing hobby in the United States today generating over $1.4 billion dollars in revenue for those involved in the business.

WouldnCt you love to have a piece of that $1.4 billion dollars? So many people slave away at a job they really don't like just to bring in money to the household. Wouldn't it be great if you could make money doing what YOU want to do?

Well you can!

YOU can start your own scrapbooking business, and this book will show you how.

Set your own hours, work from home, be your own boss – it's all within reach and it's all up to you. There are many people out there who will pay good prices to have you create memorable scrapbooks for them. The professional scrapbooking business is beginning to grow as a legitimate home-based business opportunity that can be VERY profitable.

If you're looking for a way to make money by scrapbooking, this book COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

This book compiles information from experts in the industry who've successfully started their own home-based scrapbooking business and make money from it.

This book also explores the different careers that you can pursue in the scrapbook industry. Learn about becoming:

- A Direct Sales Consultant

- An Event Organizer

- A Product Designer

- A Scrapbook Expert

- A Professional Scrapbook Artist

- A Scrapbook Retailer

- An Online Retailer

The opportunities are endless and no matter which path you choose to pursue, you can realize your dream of being your own boss and being able to direct your own career at your own pace.

Best of all, starting your own scrapbooking business doesn't have to entail spending a lot of money to get started.

Find out what you need to ask yourself before starting your business:

- How to write a business plan

- Creating layouts and selling them on E-Bay

- Creating your own website

- How to write an informative e-zine

- Marketing your business

- Which types of advertising will work best

- Tax tips for the small business owner

Get started on the path to becoming a business owner. Learn what so many other people have already found out – that you can make a lot of money in the scrapbooking business. You deserve to have it all – and this book is your ticket to small business success! Don't wait any more. Make money doing what you love today!

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July 8
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