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Lyrical Rodgers lives a simple life. She manages a pet store, has a fantastic family, a great best friend (you only need one), and lives in the apartment of her dreams. Well, the dreams she can afford, anyway. The only dark spot in her rather happy life is her new neighbor. He's rude and has no regard for anyone other than himself. He parties all night, is screwing the building manager, and is just an all around jerk. When Lyrical reaches the point of choosing between confronting him and Thall Shall Not Kill, she storms over to his apartment and lets loose. (Spoiler Alert: she goes with the confrontation and not Thall Shall Not Kill)

Nixon St. James is successful, wealthy, good-looking, and comes from a great family. On paper, he's a fantastic catch. In person, he could benefit from a semester-or two-at charm school. A prominent architect and real estate developer, Nixon has it all...uh, his temper notwithstanding. When Nixon has to evict his newest tenant and fire his building manager, he decides to channel his anger and frustrations into fixing up the mess his tenant made of the apartment himself. What he's not prepared for is a petite brunette to storm into the apartment and give him a piece of her mind.

While Lyric is busy cursing Nixon to hell, he's busy wondering how he's going to be able to convince the little spitfire that he's not gay, he's not straight pretending to be gay, or that he's not gay and having an affair with his brother.

Good times.

July 31
M.E. Clayton

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